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Canada Hemp Laws in 2021

Canada Hemp Laws in 2021

We also track Canada hemp laws and legislation for all provincial in the Canada*. We also provide links to the Canada hemp application, list of certified seeds, along with the URL for the Canadian hemp information.

We also track state US Hemp Laws and Where Is It Legal to Grow Hemp in 2021 and legislation for all 50 states in the United States. We also provide links to the states hemp application, list of certified seeds for the state, along with the URL to the state hemp information.

* Bomar Agra Estates has provided this information for fellow hemp farmers, cultivators and processors in the industry solely for educational purposes. Bomar Agra Estates is not legally responsible for the outcome and cannot assist nor give any legal advice based on your specific hemp applications in your specific provincial, we would advise your company to seek legal representation during your hemp application process.

Growing Hemp Biomass, Hemp Seeds and Hemp Seedlings in Canada

Federal legislation facilitated the re-introduction of hemp cultivation in Canada in 1998. Since that time, commercial cultivation has grown relatively slowly as producers have worked through agronomic challenges (including securing certified seed) and as processors have worked to develop hemp products and markets for them. Initially re-introduced for fiber production, the food and nutrition market had propelled the Canadian hemp industry until the 2018 Cannabis Act created additional opportunities by expanding the value chain under the Government of Canada. This Industrial Hemp Licensing Application Guide (PDF) by Health Canada provides information on the application process and requirements to obtain an industrial hemp licence from Health Canada under the Cannabis Act and the Industrial Hemp Regulations. Additional on hemp production is allowed on the following provincial Alberta Hemp, Saskatchewan Hemp, Ontario Hemp and Manitoba Hemp in Canada.

Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance Site: Click Here

Canada Industrial Hemp License Application: Click Here to Apply Online

Canada Approved Hemp Seed Varieties: Alaska Accepted Hemp Seed Varieties

*According to Canada Law: Its legal to grow Unapproved cultivars/varieties with less than 0.3% THC (weight/weight) in the flowering heads and leaves (for plant breeding/propagation purposes).

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