What’s The Best Way In The Farming Process to Prevent ‘Hot Hemp’?

You might think ‘hot hemp’ means that the plant temperature has grown too warm, but what it really means is that the hemp has become too high in THC. Most people think ‘hot hemp’ is a result of environmental factors, like too much water, not enough food, or too much heat, and while this can be a factor, it’s usually due to the strain itself. Here are some of the methods with use for our wholesale hemp biomass we sell to manufactures across the US.

So, how do you keep your hemp plants from going hot?

1. Work with an established USDA Certified Organic Farm

Select a strain from a farm that grows in compliance with the USDA, with Delta 9 THC levels below the 0.3% threshold.

2. Check your Hemp Soil Levels

While the plant’s genetics can cause it to go hot, the biology of the soil also has an influence. Allowing the plant to grow in living soils with the right enzymes means undesired production of THC less likely.

3. Consider an Early Harvest

Cannabinoids increase as the growing process continues, so an early harvest can prevent the plant from going hot.

While the farming process can produce ‘hot hemp’, getting high quality seeds, seedlings, are clones from an established grower will make your hemp far less susceptible to growing hot.