Bomar Agra Estates


The Original Organic Hemp Farm

BoMar Agra Estates has a passion for hemp and offers some of the best grown hemp products that Colorado has to offer.

We operate over 1,000 acres in San Luis Valley, Colorado to produce hemp biomass. Additionally, we partner with other local and national hemp farms in growing our seed genetics.

Our on-site capabilities, allow us to produce top grade, quality hemp material. Manufactures and extractors put our hemp biomass directly into their system for oil production. If you are interested in becoming a partnering farm - we will provide you with the full-solution.

Our Products

Our Timeline


Creating Methods

Founding members of Bomar Agra help lay the foundational work in genetics research for our industrial hemp farm startup.


Established Production

We began groundwork for making our farms and greenhouses USDA Certified Organic and registered with national and local agencies.


Wholesale Producer

Operating 35 greenhouses with 100,000 sqft in space and over 1,000 farming acres in San Luis Valley, Colorado. Bomar Agra is recognized as one of largest organic hemp producers.


Supplier to Multinationals (MNC)

Partnering with various manufactures to support new developed product launches and strengthening their supply chain operation.