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T1 Hemp Seed

The Wife (Male) + Afghan Skunk (Female)

T1 Hemp Seed

Approximate Harvest Late September
Average Response Time 8 Weeks
CBD:THC Ratio 25:1/35:1
Genetic Profile The Wife (Male) + Afghan Skunk (Female)
Average Plant Size 5ft/h x 4ft/d
Planting Density (Field Production) Drip Irrigation: Up to 2,500 seeds per acre, Center Pivots: Up to 7,500 seeds per acre

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About T1 Hemp Seed Varietal

Our T1 Hemp Seeds is a cross between The Wife (Male) + Afghan Skunk (Female). Afghan Skunk strain, a product of the pure indica, Afghani, and super stable Skunk genes.

The Wife, known for its incredibly high CBD-to-THC ratio, boasts all of the benefits of any solid CBD hemp flower. Its fresh cherry flavor, coupled with the powerful soothing properties of cannabidiol.

Our premium T1 Hemp CBD seeds are winning the battle of the seeds with their resonant notes of fruit and orange. Not to be confused with the Stormy Daniels strain which claims to be bred from a cherry blossom, our T1 Hemp CBD seed is pure.

True T1 Hemp CBD seed never sleeps. It’s a creative and hungry strain that is field tested and guaranteed to satisfy one and all US farmers.

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