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Black Widow Hemp Seeds


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LINEAGE: Cherry (Male) + T1 (Female)

DESCRIPTION: We developed Black Widow by crossing its best strains with very high-CBD plants Cherry (Male) + T1 (Female). The result is that Black Widow is a very fast growing, rather squat but very strong and hardy plant. It is a low THC strain with a flowering time of approximately 8 – 9 weeks. Outdoors it is ready to harvest in Early October.

HEIGHT: 5ft – 7ft

We suggest around 2,500 plants per acre for early June field plantings and 3,500 per acre for early July field plantings. When field planted in June and offered optimal conditions, 500 grams of flower per plant is easily attainable. All of our varieties are feminized and non-GMO. We do have non-feminized seeds as well.

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