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2018 Checchi & Magli 8 Row Transplanter Trium 45


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Name: 2018 Checchi & Magli 8 Row Transplanter Trium 45

Company: Checchi & Magli

TIPO: Trium 45

Model: 6

MATR: 22571

Distance between rows min. 45 cm (18”). Semiautomatic for tapered and pyramid-shaped clod plants up to 3 cm in diameter (6 cm only with special kit optional) driven by tyred driving wheels. 3,4,6 rows versions also with foldaway hydraulic frame (TPI).

Suitable for plants with very developed leaves (e.g. tobacco, tomato, cabbage, hemp, etc). The transplant units are independent and modular. The 10-cup rotating distributor (12 on request) ensures high output and standards of comfort for the operator. Estimated production: 4500-5000 plants per hour each row (6-7000 with 12 holes distributor). Located in Monte Vista, Colorado, you must come pickup the equipment near our Greenhouse.