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Wholesale Bulk Hemp Hurd Straws Sticks

Let's talk Hemp Straws Sticks with your manufacturing business

Hemp hurds refers to the inner-core fiber of the hemp stalk. This is the woody, soft part of the hemp stalk. It's what's left over when the bark fiber is removed. Partner with us today about your wholesale bulk hemp hurds fiber needs.

Hemp Hurds Straws Sticks Capabilities

Fiber Hemp Hurd Sticks and Straws can essentially do what wood chips can do. Hemp is just more sustainable for the environment in longevity, durability and strength. Like wood chips, hemp hurds can be used for all cellulose-dependent uses as filters, composites, hemp crete, mulch, pet bedding (dog bedding, horse bedding).

Animal Bedding (Horses + Small Mammals)

This hemp hurd for cushions filling can be used as animal bedding for horses, small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and many other animals in poultry farms.

Mulch For Gardens, Planters + Trees

Hemp mulch creates a barrier against heat and cold, encouraging young plants to grow. The surface of hemp mulch generally stays drier than other types of mulch, which aids against frost damage.

Filling For Cushions + Fiberfill

Hemp Hurd powdered is a structural, lightweight filling. Use hemp fiber to create the firm body of your project. Using hemp fibers to replace non-biodegradable petroleum-based sponges.