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29962 County Road 17
Blanca, CO 81123


1514 South County Road 4 East
Monte Vista, CO 81144


18727 County Road GG5
Fort Garland, CO 81133


(855) 720-4367


Experience & Licenses

Over the past four years, we’ve averaged a 99.98% female ratio in multi-million seed populations. Above 95% germination rate.

We’ve grown in multiple states and are growing our footprint in the US and beyond, along with various Seed Dealer Hemp Licenses in majority of states.

Our Current Feminized Hemp Seed Offerings

We offer three high CBD strains, T1 Hemp Seed, Stormy Daniels Hemp Seed, Cherry Blossom Hemp Seed, Black Widow Hemp Seed, Vishnya Hemp Seed and Putin’s Problem Hemp Seed.

Our seed pricing is based on the quantity of seed purchased. We guarantee 99% plant count germination, if you follow our How To Grow Hemp Guidelines.

Let’s Talk All Things Hemp Related