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Industrial Hemp Farms in Colorado

Let's talk about your industrial hemp farming needs for 2021

We operate over 200 acres in San Luis Valley, Colorado to produce USDA Certified Organic hemp biomass. Additionally, we partner with other local and national hemp farms in growing our seed genetics.

USDA Certified Organic Industrial Hemp Farm

Our on-site organic processes and capabilities, allow us to produce high grade, quality hemp material. Hemp manufacturers, manufacturing and extractors put our USDA Certified Organic hemp biomass directly into their systems for CBD oil production. If you are interested in partnering with our farm - we will provide you with the full hemp solution.

Feminized Hemp Seeds

We specialize in the best quality Feminized Hemp Seeds from T1 Hemp Seeds, Cherry Blossom Hemp Seeds and Stormy Daniels Hemp Seeds. Genetically stable and ready to plant, our industrial hemp strains have been isolated for high production.

Feminized Hemp Seedlings

We carry feminized hemp seedlings of Cherry Blossom Seedlings and Stormy Daniels Seedlings the best phentotypes to develop these rare strains. Hemp seedlings refers to the starter plant that is used for the production of CBD oil.

USDA Certified Organic Hemp Biomass

USDA Certified Organic hemp biomass can be used for the manufacture of CBD distillate and CBD isolate, as well as hemp oil used for editable products. For hemp biomass, this normally includes partial stems, leaves and flowers.