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CBD Hemp Seeds For Growing In Latin America

Grow hemp in Latin America in 2022 by following all proper licensing, reporting, and sampling protocol. Though growing hemp in Latin America using Feminized Hemp Seeds can be a great investment for new and existing farmers, everyone that wants to participate must follow a strict set of guidelines to do so legally in the Latin America. Bomar Agra Estates with our five years of experience in the hemp planting seasons will explain the precise requirements necessary to grow hemp in Latin America and buy Latin America hemp seeds.

DELIVERY: We have a partnership with Coyote (a UPS Company) if we are doing air/sea transport for hemp biomass, seedlings, oil or FedEx (which we act as a broker) to deliver your Hemp Seeds to you with tracking, liability insurance, and you would pay for the delivery cost in all international countries.

Growing Hemp Biomass, Hemp Seeds and Hemp Seedlings in Latin America

Argentina Hemp Seeds

The proposed law advocates whole-plant usage and exploitation of hemp for its health, environmental and economic development benefits. The hemp law would set the maximum THC level for Argentinian hemp at a full 1.0%. Click Here For Argentina

Brazil Hemp Seeds

Hemp oil was legalised for medical cannabis products in 2015, however, Brazil does not allow its production within the country. Brazil is expecting Congress to vote on law PL399 in 2021, which if approved would authorize the production and marketing of products made from industrial hemp as long as they are not intended for medical use or marketed for “prophylactic, curative or palliative purposes.” It would clear the way for products in health and beauty, cellulose, fibres and non-medical veterinary as long as those products contain less than 0.3% THC with seeds would be allowed in foods. Click Here For Brazil

Chile Hemp Seeds

In 2015, Chile’s president, Michelle Bachelet, signed a decree that removed cannabis from the ‘hard drug’ list. Medicinal cannabis and hemp-derived and marijuana-derived CBD were authorized for pharmaceutical products in December 2015. Chile is expected to be the largest market in the region and would account for around 39% of Latin America’s industrial hemp market. Click Here For Chile

Colombia Hemp Seeds

In 2017, President Juan Manual Santos signed the decree 613 of 2017, permitting individuals and businesses to engage with the cannabis industry. There are 4 types of licenses for producing cannabis including cultivation of non-psychoactive cannabis plants. In Colombia, cultivars remain legal with a THC limit of 1%. There were almost 400 hemp cultivation licenses in 2020. Currently, Colombia is already exporting their hemp seeds to other countries while farmers are focused on producing non-psychoactive strains, specially cultivated for CBD and bioenergy purposes. Click Here For Colombia

Ecuador Hemp Seeds

In June 2020, the new legislation regarding hemp was approved and in November 2020, regulations were released from the Ministry of Agriculture for licensing in the cultivation, processing, commercialization and export of industrial hemp and medicine up to 1% THC with seven types of licence(s). Click Here For Ecuador:

• Ecuador Import and Sale of Seeds
• Ecuador Production and Sale of Seeds and Cuttings
• Ecuador Production of Non-psychoactive Seeds and Industrial Hemp
• Ecuador Production of Industrial Hemp
• Ecuador For plant breeding and germplasm banks
• Ecuador Production and processing of derivatives
• Ecuador For commercialization and export

Mexico Hemp Seeds

Mexico is the second largest Latin American market for industrial hemp products, taking a 15% share. On June 19, 2017 President Enrique Peña Nieto signed a bill into law that officially legalized the cultivation, production, and use of medical cannabis products with less than 1% THC in Mexico. Click Here For Mexico

Paraguay Hemp Seeds

In October 2019, Paraguay passed a law allowing for the cultivation of hemp up to 2 hectares per family, with estimates from Paraguayan authorities of about 25,000 families interested in the business. In 2020, five companies were authorised to cultivate industrial hemp in Paraguay: Evonia, Alquimia, International Market, Healthy Grain and Irupe. In September 2020, Healthy Grains S.A. announced the first export of hemp food in South America to the US, exporting 500 kilograms of hulled seeds, 350 kilograms of powder and 150 kilograms of oil. In August 2020, Paraguayan president Mario Abdo Benítez signed a decree that places hemp as a ‘national interest crop’. Click Here For Paraguay

Peru Hemp Seeds

On February 23rd, 2019, the government approved the regulation of Law No. 30681 that regulates the medicinal and therapeutic use of Cannabis plant and its derivatives. The decree specifically identifies that non-psychoactive cannabis, and its derivatives are not controlled substances. Companies with registered products must obtain the necessary import permits to be able to receive the shipments and distribute to pharmacies around the country. Click Here For Peru

Uruguay Hemp Seeds

Cannabis and hemp have been legal in Uruguay since 2013. Uruguay allows up to 1% THC in its hemp production. About 400 hectares were planted in 2016, and in 2017, nine companies received authorization to plant around 1,200 hectares, according to the country’s Ministry of Agriculture. Hemp-related licence are increasing exponentially, jumping from 14 licence in early 2019 to 40 in January 2020, a 185% increase in one year. In July 2020, hemp producer Cplant shipped 524 kilograms of hemp to Switzerland, the first export of hemp from Uruguay. In August 2020, 1,300 hectares were authorised for hemp cultivation in the country. Click Here For Uruguay

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