USDA Organic Hemp Hurd Fiber Straws Sticks

Hemp hurds refers to the inner-core fiber of the hemp stalk. This is the woody, soft part of the hemp stalk. It’s what’s left over when the bark fiber is removed. Partner with us today about your wholesale bulk hemp hurds fiber needs for Bedding, Hempcrete, Hemp Board, Mulch.

USDA Certified Organic

Hemp Hurd Fiber Straws Standards

Fiber Hemp Hurd Sticks and Straws can essentially do what wood chips can do. Hemp is just more sustainable for the environment in longevity, durability and strength. Like wood chips, hemp hurds can be used for all cellulose-dependent uses as filters, composites, hemp crete, mulch, pet bedding (dog bedding, horse bedding). This hemp hurd can also be used to make hempcrete for building applications when combined with a lime binder and water. It can be either cast into blocks, sprayed or cast in place.


Pounds of Fiber

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USDA Certified Organic

for HempCrete, Bedding, Mulch

Our organic hemp farm provide direct, local hemp hurd and hemp fiber at wholesale prices. 100% grown and processed in Colorado. Get the highest quality USA grown hemp hurd or hemp fiber directly from the at the lowest cost available.

We have a partnership with Coyote (UPS) to deliver your hemp hurds to you with GPS tracking, refrigerated and liability insurance, in all 50 states.

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Hemp Hurds Fiber Straws Sticks

Use hemp hurd or fiber by the ton for paper, hempcrete, insulation, fibre board. Wholesale hemp hurd and fiber direct from our farms and processors.

Hemp Hurds Powdered (Pulverized)

Powdered Hemp Hurd is green microfiber used for beauty products, nutritional products. Hemp is just more sustainable for the environment in longevity, durability and strength.

Hemp Hurds Bast Fiber

Hemp Hurd Bast Fiber is biocomposite material, raw hemp fiber is right from the stalk, which is used as a material for paper, textiles, insulation and clothing.