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Stormy Daniels Hemp Seedlings

Stormy Daniels Hemp Seedlings

Feminized Hemp Seedlings
Approximate Harvest: Late October
Average Response Time: 8 Weeks
CBD:THC Ratio: 25:1/35:1
Genetic Profile: Cherry Blossom (Female) + T1 (She-Male)
Average Plant Size: 7ft/h x 4ft/d
Planting Density (Field Production) Drip Irrigation: Up to 2,500 seeds per acre, Center Pivots: Up to 7,500 seeds per acre

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About Stormy Daniels Hemp Seedlings

Stormy Daniels CBD Hemp Seedlings is a cross between Cherry Blossom and T1 Hemp Seed strain.

This Colorado original strain was grown in the San Luis Valley by some of the best outdoor farmers in the game. Stormy Daniels or Stormy D as others call it, is a high CBD hemp cultivar which is derived from a genetic cross between T1 Hemp Seed and Cherry Blossom Hemp Seed.

High yielding and extremely stable, Stormy Daniels hemp seedlings is a great selection for maximizing production per acre.

Nutty, earth Stormy D hemp seed is an exceptional indica dominant CBD hemp strain. Its appearance is a nice bristle of trichome with red hairs, it possesses the intoxicating aroma of nuts and earth.