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Wholesale Hemp Biomass

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Whether your a new farmer growing hemp or an experience manufacturer looking for hemp biomass for sale to get into the lucrative CBD venture - let's create a partnership. We do not work or partner with hemp brokers, only US farmers - only.

Wholesale Hemp Biomass Capabilities

Bomar Agra Estates has strong relationships in the B2B hemp industry, hemp biomass refers to the dried plant matter that is used for the production of CBD oil.

We cultivate and process high quality USDA Certified Organic hemp biomass in our state-of-the-art facilities in Colorado

USDA Certified Organic hemp biomass can be used for the manufacture of CBD distillate and CBD isolate, as well as hemp oil used for editable products. For USDA Certified Organic hemp biomass includes hemp flowers, hemp seed and partial stems.

USDA Certified Organic hemp biomass is cultivated in Colorado and fully legal to purchase, process and resell under the 2018 Farm Bill

We offer compliant and tested USDA Certified Organic hemp biomass for sale in Colorado. We have the capacity and the experience to handle all types of orders regardless of volume and have hand selected the best phenotypes for consistent, stable production.

Partner with a local-owned company with 5 years of experience along with a commitment to excellence and transparency.

Our hemp biomass is dense, seedless and contains a diverse terpene profile that is rich in flavor and high in therapeutic value. Designed to meet or exceed state regulations, we’ve isolated the best phenotypes for high CBD production, while retaining legal levels of THC (at .3% or less).

Related Hemp Products

We offer quality USDA Certified Organic Hemp biomass, feminized hemp seeds, feminized hemp seedlings, and hemp flower extracts to wholesalers only.

Feminized Hemp Seeds

We specialize in the best quality Feminized Hemp Seeds from T1 Hemp Seeds, Cherry Blossom Hemp Seeds and Stormy Daniels Hemp Seeds. Genetically stable and ready to plant, our industrial hemp strains have been isolated for high production.

Feminized Hemp Seedlings

We carry feminized hemp seedlings of Cherry Blossom Seedlings and Stormy Daniels Seedlings the best phentotypes to develop these rare strains. Hemp seedlings refers to the starter plant that is used for the production of CBD oil.

Feminized Hemp Clones

We are one of top hemp clone producers in Colorado with our Cherry Blossom Hemp Clones. We currently produce over thousands industrial hemp clones per day. Our high CBD hemp seeds, non feminized and feminized are also for sale at our facility in Colorado.