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Cherry Blossom Hemp Seedlings

Cherry Blossom Hemp Seedlings

Feminized Hemp Seedlings
Approximate Harvest: Late October
Average Response Time: 8 Weeks
CBD:THC Ratio: 25:1/35:1
Genetics Profile: Cherry Blossom (She-Male) + Cherry Blossom (Female)
Average Plant Size: 5ft/h x 4ft/d
Planting Density (Field Production) Drip Irrigation: Up to 2,500 seeds per acre, Center Pivots: Up to 7,500 seeds per acre

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About Cherry Blossom Hemp Seedlings

Our Cherry Blossom Hemp Seedlings is cross between Cherry Blossom (She-Male) + Cherry Blossom (Female) this special variety was created with flowering time and cannabinoids of the potential of higher yield of Cherry.

Tracing back to the genesis of the Cherry Blossom CBD feminized hemp seedlings are born from premium Cherry Wine and The Wife genetics.

When growing on four to five-foot mounds, Cherry Blossom hemp seedlings cultivation can produce around 2,000 to 2,500 pounds of dry flower per acre of farmland.

When grading quality and performance, it is a top-level strain. The Cherry Wine selection reversed in this hybrid tested well below the legal limit of THC at full maturity (8+ weeks in flower) and averaged nearly 8-12% CBD from whole plant composite samples.