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Hemp hurds refers to the inner-core fiber of the hemp stalk. This is the woody, soft part of the hemp stalk. It’s what’s left over when the bark fiber is removed. Partner with us today about your wholesale bulk hemp hurds fiber needs for Bedding, Hempcrete, Hemp Board, Mulch.

USDA Certified Organic

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Whether your a new farmer growing hemp or an experience manufacturer looking for Hemp Hurds Fiber Straws, Powdered Fiber for sale or exploring making your own processes to produce hemp fiber for sale to get into the lucrative Cannabidiol venture – let’s create a partnership. We do not work with or partner with hemp brokers, only hemp farmers, extractors, private/public companies or territories in the United States and International Countries as well.


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USDA Certified Organic Hemp Hurds

Hemp Hurds Fiber Inquiry

    UNITED STATES OR INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY: We have a Exclusive Industrial Hemp Partnership with Coyote (a UPS Company) if we are doing air/sea transport for Hemp Biomass, Flower, Seedlings, Clones, Fiber, Straws, Distillate Oil or FedEx Corporation to deliver your Hemp Seeds to you with GPS tracking, liability insurance, and you would pay for the delivery cost in all international countries (which we act as a broker, clears International Customs).