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Grow hemp in Alaska in 2022 by following all proper licensing, reporting, and sampling protocol. Though growing hemp in Alaska using Feminized Hemp Seeds can be a great investment for new and existing farmers, everyone that wants to participate must follow a strict set of guidelines to do so legally in each US state. Bomar Agra Estates with our five years of experience in the hemp planting seasons will explain the precise requirements necessary to grow hemp in Alaska and buy Alaska hemp seeds.

Growing Hemp Biomass, Hemp Seeds and Hemp Seedlings in Alaska

The new law authorizes the Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR), through the Division of Agriculture, to create an Industrial Hemp Pilot Program to research the growth, cultivation and marketing of industrial hemp. The purpose of the pilot program is to increase the knowledge of how industrial hemp production, cultivation and marketing may increase agricultural production in Alaska and contribute to our economy.

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Buy Feminized Hemp Seeds For The State Of Alaska