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Grow hemp in Mississippi in 2022 by following all proper licensing, reporting, and sampling protocol. Though growing hemp in Minnesota using Feminized Hemp Seeds can be a great investment for new and existing farmers, everyone that wants to participate must follow a strict set of guidelines to do so legally in each US state. Bomar Agra Estates with our five years of experience in the hemp planting seasons will explain the precise requirements necessary to grow hemp in Mississippi and buy Mississippi hemp seeds.

Growing Hemp Biomass, Hemp Seeds and Hemp Seedlings in Mississippi

Senate Bill 2725, also known as the Mississippi Hemp Cultivation Act, was signed into law on June 29, 2020. This act legalized the cultivation of hemp under a state plan to be created and implemented by the Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce. Although the act allowed for a state hemp cultivation program, the necessary funding to implement the program was not appropriated by the Mississippi Legislature.

As a result, currently the only legal option for a producer to cultivate hemp in Mississippi now is to obtain a hemp license from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) under the USDA Domestic Hemp Production Program. The application may be viewed here: USDA Hemp Application (PDF). When applying for a USDA hemp production license, the applicant must provide a copy of an FBI criminal history report. Instructions on how to obtain the report from the FBI may be viewed here: FBI Criminal History Report. An applicant will not receive a USDA hemp production license if the applicant has been convicted of a felony related to a controlled substance in the last 10 years. Once issued, USDA hemp production licenses are active for three years unless the State of Mississippi elects to administer a State hemp production program.

The Mississippi Department of Agriculture & Commerce does not issue hemp licenses.

Mississippi Industrial Hemp Program Site: Click Here

USDA Domestic Hemp Production Program Application: Click Here

FBI Criminal History Report Application: Click Here

USDA Hemp Program Phone: 202-720-2491

USDA Hemp Program Email: farmbill.hemp@usda.gov

Buy Feminized Hemp Seeds For The State Of Mississippi