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Grow hemp in West Virginia in 2022 by following all proper licensing, reporting, and sampling protocol. Though growing hemp in West Virginia using Feminized Hemp Seeds can be a great investment for new and existing farmers, everyone that wants to participate must follow a strict set of guidelines to do so legally in each US state. Bomar Agra Estates with our five years of experience in the hemp planting seasons will explain the precise requirements necessary to grow hemp in West Virginia and buy West Virginia hemp seeds.

Growing Hemp Biomass, Hemp Seeds and Hemp Seedlings in West Virginia

Since the inception of West Virginia Department of Agriculture Hemp Pilot Program, interest and investment in industrial hemp in West Virginia has grown exponentially.

From 2017 to 2019, the number of license-holders increased from 46 to 165, and the acreage registered with the program recorded a corresponding increase, quadrupling to 641 planted acres over the same time frame. For the 2020 growing season, WVDA received 456 applications to grow and/or process hemp.

WVDA’s current regulations and practices under its pilot program are very similar to those required by the Interim Final Rule for an Effective Date of October 31, 2020. This means that West Virginia is well positioned to make a smooth transition into operating under a USDA-approved hemp plan. This document is an outline of the West Virginia Department of Agriculture’s Industrial Hemp Program and is WVDA’s formal submission to the USDA for review and approval. West Virginia Industrial Hemp Planting and Production Guide (PDF)

West Virginia Industrial Hemp Program Site: Click Here

West Virginia Hemp Producer License Application: Click Here

West Virginia Industrial Hemp Program Phone: 304-558-2212

West Virginia Industrial Hemp Program Email: hemp@wvda.us

Buy Feminized Hemp Seeds For The State Of West Virginia