Hemp CBD Testing Genetics Labs in Colorado

Genetic lab testing is important not just for hemp growers, but for hemp seed vendors, hemp distributors, and hemp consumers. Not only does it help you better understand your unique strains, their uses, and what to cross-breed, it also protects the industry and its consumers as a whole. Here is the list of hemp lab testing partners we use for our hemp seeds and biomass.

When you genetic test your hemp, you will have hard data on potency, terpene profiles, contaminants, and whether it is THC compliant. It’s about safety of consumers and protecting the industry, as many consumers will only buy tested CBD products.

Here are just a few reasons you should have your hemp tested in a genetic lab:

  1. Testing helps your growers stay in compliance with regulations and avoid finds
  2. Testing helps your growers forecast their profits
  3. Testing gives you, your growers, and consumers a better understanding of what exactly the plant contains
  4. Testing keeps the industry accountable, respected, and free of bad actors
  5. Testing helps you guarantee there are no contaminants
  6. Testing ensures your quality standards are always met
  7. Most consumers and distributors are only interested in tested products

It’s no secret that, while regulated, many are still looking for a reason to shut down the hemp industry. Genetic lab testing allows the industry to put science behind hemp products, ensure that strains are following the limit of 0.3% Delta 9 THC, and show that hemp growers, seed vendors, distributors, and consumers follow and respect the regulations of the industry.