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We are known for Non-Feminized Hemp Seeds and the quality yield produced by our strains and the consistency of their harvest when grown properly. We live by the highest standards meaning we tap into the power of genetics and leverage efficient and innovative technologies to produce clean and pure, non feminized seeds.

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Non-Feminized Seeds Standards

When starting your hemp farm after getting your hemp cultivator license then selecting and purchasing seed is the next step for hemp farmers and you could need some Non Feminized Hemp Seeds. We partner with prospective farmers and manufactures to review their hemp goals. Along with help them selecting the correct seed for their operations.


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If you’re looking for premium sourced wholesale non feminized hemp seeds we specializes in this area with our Cherry Non Feminized Hemp Seeds, Putin’s Problems Hemp Seeds, Stormy Daniels and T1 Trump Non Feminized Hemp Seeds this is considered our wholesale non feminized seeds which came the farm during harvesting as well.

Cherry Non Feminized Hemp Seeds

Our Cherry Non Feminized Hemp Seeds is cross between Cherry (She-Male) + Cherry Wine (Female) this special variety was created with flowering time and cannabinoids of the potential of higher yield of Cherry.

Stormy D Non Feminized Hemp Seeds

Stormy Daniels Non Feminized Hemp Seed is a cross between Cherry Blossom and T1 Trump Hemp Seed strain. This Colorado original strain was grown in the San Luis Valley by some of the best outdoor farmers in the game.

T1 Trump Non Feminized Hemp Seeds

Our T1 Trump Non Feminized Hemp Seeds is a cross between The Wife (Male) + Afghan Skunk (Female). Afghan Skunk strain, a product of the pure indica, Afghani, and super stable Skunk genes.