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Cherry Blossom Hemp Seeds


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LINEAGE: Cherry Blossom (Donor Pollinator) + Cherry Blossom (Female)

DESCRIPTION: One of our tried and true varietals. Nearly every state that grows hemp, grows Cherry Blossom are born from premium Cherry Wine and The Wife genetics. This line has proven itself to handle the roughest conditions and longest flower cycles. With CBD farming scaling to big agricultural acreage, we felt it was priority to develop and stabilize a boutique-quality CBD flower that can be farmed by beginners and experts alike.

HEIGHT: 5ft – 7ft.

We suggest around 2,500 plants per acre for early June field plantings and 3,500 per acre for early July field plantings. When field planted in June and offered optimal conditions, 500 grams of flower per plant is easily attainable. All of our varieties are feminized and non-GMO. We do have non-feminized seeds as well.

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