Gleaner 4200 Pickup Header


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EQUIPMENT NAME:AGCO Gleaner 4200 Pickup Header


DESCRIPTION: Gleaner is excited to offer a full line of headers designed to fit a variety of harvesting needs specifically the AGCO Gleaner 4200 Pickup Header. Whether it’s the new corn heads, draper heads, flex, sickle or pickup headers, all have been designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind. This expanding line up continues to push capacity and harvesting rates while providing the control, reliability and quality you demand.


• Auger 70%
• Floor 70%
• Field lights
• Fits AGCO, Gleaner
• Single point
• 1000 RPM PTO
• Overall rating 75%
• SN: AG3G42000EM041538


• 16′, 8-belt
• New front & rear (pickup & draper) belts, teeth new
• Belt-dividing washers 80%
• Hydraulic double windguard (hyd dbl wg)
• Auto header-height control (AHHC)
• Auto canvas speed
• Overall rating 80%

BROCHURES: Click here for Documents from Gleaner under Documents on the bottom of their website.

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Gleaner 4200 Pickup Header