Landoll 876-40 Tilloll


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EQUIPMENT NAME: Landoll 876-40 Tilloll

VENDOR NAME: Landoll Tilloll

DESCRIPTION: Conditions at planting time are all important to crop yield and seedbed preparation. The Landoll 875/877 Tilloll will level, incorporate and bring the soil to a nearly perfect condition in one trip. Save field trips and you will be saving fuel, operator labor and equipment dollars. Combining field trips conserves moisture and provides a firmer seedbed. The soil is worked fewer times, depositing erosion resistant residue and coarser soil on the surface to prevent sealing. Chemicals are successfully mixed throughout the seedbed layers in a single high-speed trip across the field.

Nobody does it better than Landoll when it comes to making a seedbed in one trip. The 875/877 Tilloll is the only time proven seedbed preparation machine you will need! Landoll’s commitment to quality, reliability and performance assures you are getting the very best equipment – that’s the Landoll way!


• 19” Concave Disc Blades Spaced at 7 ½”
• 10 Degree Gang Angle
• Reversible Scrapers
• C-Cushion Bearing Standards with 1 ½” Gang Bolt
• Soil Deflector/Spray Shield on Disc Gangs
• Spring Clamp Shanks with 170 lbs. of Point Load
• Edge Bent Shanks
• 25 ½” Under Frame Clearance
• 9” Shank Spacing
• 10” Sweeps
• Chopper Reel and Spike Leveling Attachment

BROCHURES: Click here for Documents from Landoll under Documents on the bottom of their website.

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Landoll 876-40 Tilloll