Why Should You Buy Hemp Seedlings Instead Of Hemp Clones?

It’s a question many ask themselves should I buy hemp seedlings or hemp clones? To answer this, it’s important to understand the basic differences between seedlings and clones, and the challenges each one presents.

What is the difference between hemp seedlings and hemp clones?

A hemp seedling is a sprouted seed that has just begun growing, while a clone is a cut from a plant that has already grown to its full potential.

Benefits of Buying CBD Hemp Seedlings

Hemp seedlings mature faster and are grown to follow a planting timeline, so it makes your plants more likely to survive weather changes. Instead of planting seeds hoping they will germinate, a seedling has already sprouted and, as long as you follow growing best practices, should grow to maturity.

Why Clones are the Riskier Choice

A clone is a cut from a plant that has already matured, and will typically have branches and leaves. Clones are typically more expensive and labor-intensive, with very specific soil and watering needs that can vary from plant to plant. Compared with seedlings, clones are less likely to survive transplants, droughts, and weather changes.

feminized CBD Hemp seedlings are bred to handle inclement weather like frost, rain, and winds through the initial growth period, making them the best choice for someone looking to start growing. This is exactly why we sell seedlings in addition to seeds. We carry Cherry Blossom Seedlings, Stormy Daniels Seedlings, and T1 Trump Seedlings.

Once your hemp seedling has grown to maturity and you’ve learned its preferences with soil, water, and weather, you can always cut your own clones with a more intimate knowledge of how to make your plant thrive in your existing environment.