Kult Kress 4 Row Finger Weeder


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EQUIPMENT NAME: Kult Kress 4 Row Finger Weeder


DESCRIPTION: Weeding inside the plant row to avoid hand work with the Small K.U.L.T.-Kress Fingerweeder: Working width from 9.5 – 14” good wear resistance good under stony conditions 3 different degrees of hardness for different cultures and soil conditions.

The K.U.L.T.-Kress Fingerweeder can be attached to every common cultivator. Attachment in the back with hand steering tool gives the possibility of very ecise steering.


• Objective of use: Weeding inside the plant row to avoid hand work.
• Range of use: vegetable gardening (planted cultures), tree nurseries, rose-, forest-, alley- and fruit tree cultures, potato growing, growing of maize (corn) and beets, tobacco growin, strawberries
• Time of use: about. 10 days after planting
• Possibilities of combinations: can be attached to every common hoe
• Attachment: front, back, tool carrier horse pulling
• Working speed: 2.5 – 9.5 mi/h
• Working depth: 1 – 1.5”
• Recommendation: to achieve the maximum weed-control, the Fingerweeder should be used when the weeds just emerge

BROCHURES: Click here for Documents from Kult Kress under Documents on the bottom of their website.

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Kult Kress 4 Row Finger Weeder